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Cheats for Arkanoid

Type RUNCHEAT to get infinite lives...

Start the game up as you normally do,
then when the game has started put it in 'PAUSE' by pressing SPACE, then type:
DSIMAGIC, then a yellow case should fall down 'DS', catch it,
when you have done so you can use the following keys to do something constructive:

B-Break: Opens gates'
C-Catch: Sticks the ball to the bat
D-Disruption: Divides the ball into three new ones.
E-Expand: Makes the bat larger
L-Laser: Gives you the laser
P-Extra Player: Self Explanatory
S-Slow: Slowes the ball down
F-Fight DOH: Warp to last level

Copyright©1998 by Pål Rune Tuv
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