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Cheats for Blake Stone 3D

When playing, type JAM, this gives you all weapons, full ammo and the necessary access cards!

In Blake Stone v2.0+ you can gain access to a debug-mode,
just start the game with this parameter:


Then when the Jam-logo appeares, press and hold Left-Shift,
and then press Right-Shift.
If you do this right, there will be a little sound to confirm.

When you have started the game in debug-mode,
you can use the following keys to do some serious cheating:
(Hold BACKSPACE (<-) while pressing the key!)

A = ? AutoMap.
B = Border color...
C = Statistics!
D = Invisible.
E = Leaps forward in the game.
F = Shows X and Y coordinates + angle.
G = God-mode.
H = Minus 1% Health!
I = Free stuff.
M = Shows use of computers memory.
O = Shows all hidden walls on Automap!
Q = Finish out to DOS (Windows ?).
S = Slow motion.
T = Show the games graphic and sounds !
U = Don't need keys anymore!!!
V = ???
W = Skip to any level...

You can also sart the game in a so-called Radar-Mode!
Just start the game with this parameter:


Off course you can use both the Debug-mode and the Radar-Mode at the same time,
to do this, simply start the game with the parameter:


Copyright©1998 by Pål Rune Tuv
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