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Cheats for Civilization

When you are about to select a land, go to the bottom of the screen,
below Spain,and click on the red box that appeares!
This should give you the control over a land called Spring !!!

During gameplay, hold down the SHIFT key and type in the following code: Put your mouse on the black undiscovered part of the world
and HOLD DOWN [Shift] and press 1-8, then when you let go,
whole world is visable to see.
To hire tax collectors you go into a city and go to the middle square
and hit your left mouse button on one unit of food.
Then if you look in your upper left-hand corner you will see
an Elvis impersanator, he prevents people from kicking your butt,
if you hit your left mouse button on him he will turn into a tax collector,
if you hit it again he will turn into a scientist.

Copyright©1998 by Pål Rune Tuv
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