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Cheats for Descent II

Here are some cheat-codes:

(The Demo: )

GABBAGABBAHEY = Not smart!!!
ZINGERMANS = Invinsible.
MOTHERLODE = All weapons.
ALIFALAFEL = Accessories.
EATANGELOS = Weapons become guided-missiles!!!
CURRYGOAT = All the lovely keys...
JOSHUAAKIRA = The hole map.
WHAMMAZOOM = Change course...
RICAANNE = Weapons bounces of walls!!!
BITTERSWEET = Find out for yourself!!!

(Full Version: )

ALMIGHTY = Invinsible?.
LPNLIZARD = Weapons become target-seeking?
FREESPACE = Skip courses.
SPANIARD = Try it!!!!
GOWINGNUT = Your Guide Bot is no longer neutral...
GODZILLA = You can ram your enemies to death.


First, save the game in slot 1.
Then edit the savegame file (PILOTNAME.SGO).
Change offsets 16DF - 16E4 to E7 03 00 00 E7 03.
Check how many of each missile you have,
then go to this area of the file and look for those numbers.
The most of each missile you can have is 999 (E7 03).
Confused? You will be.
But perseverance is three parts of achievement. Or something...

Copyright©1998 by Pål Rune Tuv
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