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Cheats for Doom I

Type in the code at any time during game: This cheat record a game demo,
So you can play it back to analyse your style or to impress your peers.
And if it's to impress your peers, you really should get out more.
To run the game, at the DOS prompt type:
doom -devparm dev -wart * * -skill * -record {filename}
The first and second * should be set as a number to determinate
the episode and map you wish to start.
The third * should be replaced by a number for the skill level
you want to play (1 is easy, 4 is hard).
The last variable {filename} should be replaced by the name
you wish to give the demo.
For example, doom -devparm 3 2 -skill 4 james would start and record a
game in episode 3, map 2 and skill level 4 with the demo saved
as a file called james.imp.
The recorder drops you back in DOS after you've completed a level or died.
Now, to play the level back, type: doom -playdemo {filename}.
It's as simple as that!
Copyright©1998 by Pål Rune Tuv
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