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Cheats for Epic Pinball

When you have pressed ESC during the game,
and your asked if you want to end the game,
try pressing B and return to the game...

Go into any pinball table option menu and press F1 where it says the number of balls, this will give you six balls instead of five or three

If you press backspace then the letters b and n at any time during play you will go to two ball multi play with the extra ball appearing on the table out of nowhere.

During game press:
[Esc],[B],[N] : Get a second ball
[Esc],[J] : Move ball with cursor keys !
[X]+[/] : Keep flippers up
[Esc],[F9] : Shows box (on some versions)
[Esc],[F10] : PCX screenshot
[Esc],[F1] : Enter parameters (???)

Copyright©1998 by Pål Rune Tuv
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