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Cheats for Eye of the Beholder 1

Here's how you find ALMOST all of the special quests:

Level 1:

There's a place where you'll find the 'Mage Scroll of Armour',
here lay a knife in the (niche?).

Level 2:

The places where there are 'odd carving', place a knife in the mark.

Level 3:

When you have placed the blue jewels,
take 'em back after the wall has opened itself again.

Level 4:...?

Level 5:

At the dwarfs' Pantry, place 6 normal rations on the shelf.

Level 6:

First collect all the Kenku-eggs, then put them inn the room called 'Nest'.
Take three with you ass you leave...

Level 7:

In the room with the 5 stone-portals, place a Stone key in every (niche?)

Level 8:

In the room with the plate in the floor,
fill the holes with dart-arrows, and then press the plate.

Level 9:

There is a place where it's written 'It is written that the key lies on the side',
here you shall throw a knife, a stone or anything else small through the wall.

Level 10:

Use the three Kenku-eggs from Level 6.
In the room with the three Mantis Warriors, place them inn the three (niches?).
If you now surrvives the ambush, you should get something...

Level 11:...?

Level 12:

Kill him,
you know who I'm talking about... The Beholder...

Copyright©1998 by Pål Rune Tuv
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