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Cheats for Eye of the Beholder 2

Here's how you make it past some riddles:

"Items born of Greed are what I need. One for each year and one less to fear"
Solution: Five stones

"One's refuse, its anothers gold. You famine is my feast."
Solution: Rotten food

"From the Fiends. From below. Find the item with the hidden glow! Find this thing.
Find it for me! For only then shall I set you free!"
Solution: Mantis Idol

"Nature's Beauty is my meat. Tiny and red, 'tis such a threat."
Solution: Red Gem

"I must have the blade which has eaten so much!
I must have the one which I fear not to touch!"
Solution: Cursed Long sword "Hunger", or Halbard "Leach"

"I am parched. I am dry! Give me liquid so I can cry"
Solution: A Potion

"No matter how parched. No matter how rolled. No matter if Magic. No matter how old."
Solution: Scroll

Copyright©1998 by Pål Rune Tuv
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